Ivan Carter has lived an interesting life as a hunter and conservationist. After nearly 3 decades spent as a Professional Hunter, his career has taken a turn towards full time conservation. He has become in a sense the most respected and influential protector of Africa’s wildlife. In my opinion it makes too much sense, hunters have long been the biggest conservationists on the planet and here we have one of the world’s most respected big game hunters now carrying the torch for an entire continent’s conservation efforts. On this week’s broadcast we discuss a myriad of topics relating to the issues currently threatening Africa’s wildlife and Ivan gives us some thoughts on possible solutions to these issues. From poaching as a business vs poaching for sustenance, to lion recovery in the Zambeze Delta, to viewing elephants as a renewable, harvestable resource. We cover it all and much more with one

About once a year Erin agrees to go varmint hunting with me. That usually occurs at our annual Guns and Guitars event at Koon’s Canyon Ranch. This year, that outing took a turn for the worse when a venomous giant centipede crawled up her dress. What ensued next was part frightening, part calamity. We discuss when my better half joins me in the studio.

Always keeping it classy, Erin hunting in a dress after we saw Max Stalling and Mark David Manders play an evening concert at Guns and Guitars V.

Then we check in with primitive hunter and weapon maker Ryan Gill from Hunt Primitive. We discuss the history of some of North America’s stone points and the long abandoned atlatl spear. This past winter, Ryan used this 14,000 year old technology to take down an American

Diving with tiger sharks and great whites is something I’ve never considered, certainly not without a cage anyway. But for One Ocean Dive Instructor and Shark Naturalist Kayleigh Grant, it’s just another day at the office off the coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. We discuss the threats facing today’s global shark populations. Issues such as commercial long lining to feed Asia’s demand for shark fin soup. Also Kayleigh talks about One Ocean’s research division and how they help educate the public on shark behavior. (Kayleigh up close and personal with a giant Hawaiian tiger shark)

Then we head to Prince of Wales Island Alaska with our buddy Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics. Most folks are likely unaware that this is hunt is a random draw open to the public. We discuss the hunt as well as some of the latest Vortex products that we’ve